Goodwill Steel Impex

Stainless Steel Bars

S.S. 321 Round Bar is primarily comprised of 17% to 19% chromium, 12% nickel, .25% to 1% silicon, 2% maximum manganese, traces of phosphorus and sulfur, 5 x (c + n) .70% titanium, with the balance being iron. With regard to corrosion resistance, 321 is equivalent to Grade 304 in the annealed condition and is superior if the application involves service in the 797o to 1652o F range. The Stainless Steel Bars that we manufacture and supply are available in different finish and required sizes. These Stainless Steel Bars find applications in construction field, petroleum and chemical industries, food processing industry, etc.

Highlights :

  • High oxidation resistance
  • Lustrous appeal
  • Impervious to air and water
  • Long term performance


Material Stainless Steel
Shape Round
Thickness 1-100mm, 300-400mm, 400-500mm
Length 1-1000mm, 1000-2000mm, 3000-4000mm, 4000-5000mm
Application Construction
Width 1-50mm, 100-150mm, 200-250mm, 50-100mm